Did you know there is a website where you can freely spy on people around the world? The website allows you to take a peek in the daily life of unaware citizens. Smart home devices are becoming more and more popular but does the government use these devices for spying on its users? We wanted to create an interactive object that would help simplifying this complex problem and therefore making it more understandable. 


  • clientHogeschool van Amsterdam
  • categoryInteractive
  • dateJuly, 2018

We do not want to spread panic or force any opinions. We want it to become a conversation starter, and make people think about their own choices when it comes to this subject. At just the push of a button, the entire world lies at your feet. You can eavesdrop into strangers’ conversations and look into people’s homes. There’s not much left of our privacy, with all these phones and computers that are connected to the internet; everywhere and at all times. 

From all over the world, you can watch any other place, no matter how far away. It makes some people feel safer, others the opposite. Are you comfortable knowing that the police can listen into your phone calls even if you did nothing wrong? It could even go further, with all the information on your phone and computer; everything on social media is visible to those who have the right tools. You might think it’s fun to watch others, but how does it feel to be spying on yourself?

who is
watching you
right now?