Food myths

Food myths

For years we have heard that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ or that milk is good for everyone, however in a turn of events the milk statement was created as a campaign to increase sales numbers on milk.

I started using the book ‘voedselmythes’ by Martijn B. Katan as a guide line in this project. I did not have a fixed end product in mind but let the process be the guiding line with in project. I started by doing photography experiment. How can I translate these myths into images? Using the food as mentioned in the myth and giving this a visual translation.

This let me to the next step in my process. I decided to give the book a re-design. The new design would inspire people to pick it up and read it and thus learn more about the myths about food. Because I felt that the original book did the opposite. Using the early mentions photography results and a laser cutter to make it more interesting to read. Also making the cover more appealing by using cutting boards to fit the theme of the book.

The next step let me to created an app to make people realise how mixed up the information about food is. A place to expose these myths and create conversation about them. Giving them a discussion platform and a game to test there knowledge with other people. This, visually appealing, application would not only be a discussion forum, but also offer a game to test their own knowledge compared to other users.


  • clientAKV Sint Joost
  • categoryGraphic design
  • dateJune, 2016
Should you believe
everything you read
about food?