An educational installation that explains to adults as well as to children what an eclipse is and what actually happens during an eclipse. We wanted to create a miniature version of an eclipse where you (or in this case the camera) can see from the earth’s perspective and you can see an eclipse from this point of view.


  • clientHogeschool van Amsterdam
  • categoryInteractive
  • dateJuly, 2018

We wanted people to be able to skip the time part of an eclipse. Not having to wait for it to happen. Within the process of this project we went through several phases and different prototypes of our idea. Letting an iterative process be our guide. Our final prototype allows people to understand the process of an eclipse. With the table model they can see what an eclipse actually is and play with the aspect op time. 

By switching the button on or of the moon moves. Like this, you can influence the time by moving the moon faster of slower. The projection on the wall (earth perspective) allows people to observer the phenomenon without having to wait for it to happen as they would have to in real life. It is a fast paced version of an event that does not happen very often which means everyone can experience it in a minute.

an educational
for young and old